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What’s in This Book

CLIÉ For Dummies is organized in seven parts, and each part is further divided into chapters that are related to the part’s theme. And of course, the handy section headers (like the one a few lines up from this sentence) quickly lead you to specific topics.

Part I: Getting to Know Your CLIÉ

Part I starts with the absolute basics, the stuff that too many manuals assume you somehow learned by osmosis the first time you picked up your CLIÉ. To get you jazzed up to find out more, I start with a brief overview of all the amazingly cool things that the CLIÉ can do for you. Next, you discover how to interact with your CLIÉ and why it doesn’t automatically understand your handwriting. Part I wraps up with a look at how your CLIÉ and your desktop system work together and how you can install all sorts of slick add-on programs.

Part II: Getting Organized

Part II covers the applications that PDAs are best known for: the personal organizer programs. You find out how to enter and manage your Address Book, create appointments, wrangle your To Do list, and get rid of all the yellow sticky notes cluttering your desk. After that, you’ll have all sorts of extra free time, right? Not after you see the fun that I have in store for you in Part III.

Part III: Multimedia and Entertainment

Part III is where things get fun and creative. I show you how to manage your photos on your CLIÉ — and how to shoot new ones with the built-in camera. The fun doesn’t stop with stills, as you find out after you discover how to convert and watch movies on your CLIÉ. If your CLIÉ’s equipped to play music, Part III is the place to go to find the full scoop on music players and how to transfer tunes to a Memory Stick. The real fun begins with a look at the best CLIÉ games, and I wrap up on a literary note with eBooks and audiobooks.

Part IV: An Office in Your Pocket

Part IV is where you discover how you can often leave the laptop at home but still have full access to your Word documents and Excel spreadsheets — and even plug in an adapter that lets you do PowerPoint presentations right from your CLIÉ. You work step by step through the office suite that was probably bundled with your CLIÉ, and I explore the best third-party office add-ons.

Part V: Reaching Outside the CLIÉ Box

Part V shows you how to enhance your CLIÉ and connect it to the outside world. You find out about the various types of Memory Sticks, why you want one, and how you can use one to manage your files. You see the various ways that you can connect to the Internet with a variety of wireless technologies and then take a look at how to take advantage of your CLIÉ’s online software. After you expand your CLIÉ and teach it how to talk to the outside world, I show you what else you need to make it the only computing device that you need when you hit the road.

Part VI: Securing and Protecting Your CLIÉ

Part VI delves into how to protect your CLIÉ’s data from prying eyes — and from dead batteries and system crashes. After spending a good portion of the book convincing you that you can pretty much organize your life, manage your business, and centralize your entertainment on your CLIÉ, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t show you how to protect this now-vital tool. You find out about file encryption, data backups, emergency power sources, and how to protect your CLIÉ from physical damage.

Part VII: The Part of Tens

Part VII focuses on some useful Top Ten lists. You find out about the very best add-on programs, the best Web sites, and the must-have hardware accessories. And you find solutions to ten of the most vexing problems a CLIÉ owner can encounter, and maybe an Easter egg or two to wrap things up.
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